Favorites on Friday

Happy Friday my friends! Guess what I’ve been doing this week? Decorating for Easter?!! WHAT???!!!!! I 100% blame Target. Easter is really the only Holiday I decorate for besides Christmas, for no other reason than 1.) Bunnies/baby animals 2.)Pastels. Who can resist that stuff? And Target has the most ridiculously adorable stuff right now!! Anyway, it’s nothing big, but I’ll hopefully be sharing a little of that next week. For now, lets move onto the goodness I found this week, and there was lots!!

(As always, please be courteous and pin from the original sources.)

The black paint on the back of these open kitchen shelves. I love how it just makes everything POP!

Love these open kitchen shelves with the backs painted black |via DesignSponge.comVia

The chairs in this dining room. The bentwood, the varying shades of green…BANANAS!

Bentwood chairs in the dining room in various shades of green | via HouseOfTurquoiseVia

This view. Those doors. That deck. (And do yourself a HUGE favor and check out this entire space–it’s beyond AMAZING!!)

Beautiful Bedroom View | via FancyVia

Love this whole space (hello black trim), but especially that runner!
Beautiful vintage stair runnierVia

Just an insanely pretty picture of peonies to look at. Wow, right?

Beautiful peony arrangement on black backgroundVia

And finally, this bench (along with the rest of the room). This is the stuff furniture dreams are made of, right?!!

Rustic bench and gallery wallVia

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