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Pinterest has, without a doubt, become my go-to source for new recipes.  I love that I can search “chicken” and find 300 different ways to cook chicken.  But you may have also noticed that like 275 of those chicken recipes claim to be “the best chicken you’ll ever eat”  or “tastes just like (insert restaurant here).”  So, since I’ve now tried several of my pinned recipes, I thought I’d give you a run down of a few of our all time favorites that really are “the best ever,” or at least really, really, good!  And for the record, I never think anything tastes just like a restaurant, so while it may be good, I won’t tell you it tastes like the restaurant.  Just a little FYI (and none of these make that claim anyway).

{Please Pin from Original Sources}

Chicken & Broccoli Noodle Casserole from SkinnyTaste

I just made this one this week and I’ve had the leftovers for lunch twice.  It’s an amazing & easy dinner.  And I’m not saying it’s amazing for a low fat dinner, it’s amazing, period.  The Mr. & I LOVED it and so did my 2 year old, which is always a bonus.  And if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I went on a Pinning frenzy a couple of nights ago thanks to SkinnyTaste.com.  So I’m sure more of her recipes will be making my list soon. (Did you know she also gives you the Weight Watchers points for her recipes?!)

Asian Beef Tacos from Jessie Heaviland

This beef is AMAZING (especially with a little Sriracha)!  But the sauce is great on chicken too.  I throw some chicken, with this sauce, in the crock pot and then save it in the fridge for lunches during the week with rice and vegetables.  Quick, easy, and pretty healthy.

Corn & Chicken Chowder from Buns in My Oven

Perfect for a chilly night when you need that comfort food.  The key to this one is Old Bay Seasoning, which I’d never used before this soup, and green chilies.  I use turkey bacon, skim milk with a little flour for thickening, and low fat cheese to cut the fat a little and it’s still great!

And our all-time FAVORITE Pinterest recipe to date:

Chicken Coconut Kurma from Favorite Family Recipes

If you like Indian food, and you like coconutty, spicy, tomatoey, DELICIOUS curry, you will LOVE this.  We literally make this probably once a week and I will say, it truly rivals our favorite Indian restaurant.  There are no words for how good this is.  I add some roasted cashews (just sautee cashews in a pan until they start to brown just a bit).

And when combined with this easy naan recipe from  Indian Simmer
(her pictures are AMAZING btw):

FIREWORKS in your mouth!!!  We add a little garlic powder to the Naan dough.  A-mazing.  In a pinch, we use tortillas instead of Naan, but the time spent on the Naan REALLY is worth it!

There you have five of my favorite Pinned recipes.  I have lots more, so another installment will follow soon.  In the meantime, if you’d like to see what else I’m eating/planning to try, you can find my pin board here Happy eating!


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