Favorite Pinterest Recipes: Round 2

I should be back early in the week with some sort of project–haven’t decided which one yet, but it’s been quite a busy weekend, so I’ll have something to share.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few more of our favorite Pinterest recipes that we’ve actually tried and loved.

A Carbonara recipe from Eric Ripert–how could someone that good looking not make good food, right?  Does anyone else swoon over him every time he’s on Top Chef (or anywhere else for that matter)?

Don’t know who he is?  You can check him out here (believe me, you want to).  He also has a French accent…

These Cake Mix Cookies have become my new go-to cookie.  They don’t taste like a traditional chocolate chip cookie, but they are really good and the best part: they take about 10 minutes to make because there are only a few ingredients.  I now have a fully stocked cookie jar on a regular basis thanks to this time-saving recipe!

This Nectarine Pizza was AMAZING.  But the store didn’t have nectarines, so we substituted mango instead.  And I always use one of those store bought “just-add-water” crust mixes rolled out super thin when I make pizza and it works great (the Walmart brand is actually my favorite).

And a little update on this previous favorite:

We made this the other night with some boneless pork ribs, instead of beef.  Mixed up a broccoli slaw kit from Costco and made tacos out of it–HOLY PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH!  I’m telling you, you cannot not go wrong with this recipe on any meat and the Pork and Broccoli Slaw tacos are one of our new favorite meals.

Happy Eating!

{Please note that these recipes are the work of other talented bloggers and chefs, not my own.  Please give credit where credit is due and repin from the original source  by clicking on the link below the image}


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