Mixed Metals & White Fall Decor

I’m finally back with something that doesn’t involve my weight or my clutter.  HOORAY!  The weather has been cool, the grey clouds have been hanging low over our now red mountains, and I’ve had my Oatmeal Cookie candle burning: Fall has hit my house! {In true Jenn fashion, it’s just in time to take it all down soon and put up Halloween. Such is life.}   I always think I’m sad to say goodbye to summer, until I get that first taste of fall and I get giddy about trading in the shorts and flip flops for my boots and scarves.

It doesn’t take a lot to create that fall feeling, a few touches here & there and a few fall colors and textures mixed in.  So here’s how I did up fall in my kitchen.

The beautiful thing about being known as a hoarder collector, is that people start giving you cool stuff.  My boss gave me about 20 of these pine cone candle holders, a few of which I spray painted cream and copper for fall.  Of course, this could be done with any real pine cone as well.  For height, a silver vase turned over for a “stand.”

Mixed metals, tarnished silver, and white make my heart happy.  My love of fall may be directly correlated to my love of gold–this time of year practically SCREAMS gold!

I originally made yarn balls for a garland like this, but I set them in a jar on the shelf to keep them out of my daughter’s reach, and there they’ll stay, because I love looking at them in that little Mason jar.


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