Fabulous Fall

We made the nine hour drive to Northern Nevada this weekend to visit my in-laws and meet my new {and oh-so-adorable} nephew.  Apparently we had a really great time because I took roughly 400 pictures during the time we were there.

We happened to be in town for Nevada Day, which meant hot air balloons.  I don’t know who loved it more because I could have taken pictures ALL DAY.  They were amazing.

I love the Capitol dome against the newly snow covered mountains and just peeking above the trees.

Lots of fall leaves!

Meeting our new cousin I told you about a few months ago

Pumpkin carving and Halloween festivities–a special treat since this is the first time we’ve gotten to share Halloween with this side of the family.

If you follow me on Instagram (@jmenteer) or Twitter, you know that my pumpkin is the epic failure on the left.  I also put in an order with the husband for a porch like this, specifically for holiday decorating purposes–I’m sure it’s not top on his priority list ; )

And possibly one of my favorite moments I’ve ever captured on film {and the reason I SO wanted a wood fence as opposed to vinyl–darn practicality}:

Oh, and that one little bonus of OUR TEAM WINNING THE WORLD SERIES!  GO GIANTS!! {Not to mention another Notre Dame win.}

It was an awesome weekend and now it’s back to real life this week.  With all of the Halloween festivities sort of done, I have to admit that I’m sort of looking forward to getting that trick-or-treating formality out of the way this week and movin onto Thanksgiving, soooo….Thanksgiving projects are on their way!


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    Oh my! Two cute!! And the balloons look like so much fun! And yes.. congrats to the Giants. They actually showed up to play at the World Series as apposed to the Tigers who thought it was a photo shoot or something. LOL. :)

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      Thanks! And I have to admit, I felt really bad for the Tigers. I know they could have played better than that! I really do want to see Jim Leland get a ring too (just not against the Giants).

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    Hey! I just found your blog & was perusing your posts & I saw your little girls Notre Dame shirt & thought- SOLD! Love this blog! (My family is huge Irish fans!) and then I saw her Giants shirt & thought- maaaaaybe not. (I’m a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan!) haha but I do like your blog, still!

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