Have I mentioned once or a hundred times that I love having pictures around? I know technology has its downsides, but how amazing is it that we can so readily, and beautifully capture not just the big moments in life, but the everyday simple ones too? Because really, those are the ones that matter, right? I love looking at all of the pictures I’ve taken on my phone of Adelie’s adorably odd outfits, she and Chandler cooking together, memories made with cousins on a random Tuesday at the swimming pool…you get it, the small stuff. The stuff that life is all about. So what does all that gushing have to do with a giant embroidery hoop bulletin board? Well, basically my life is a constant quest to find ways to display pictures without going all dorm room chic and just taping them all over my walls, and today I’m going to show you quite possibly my favorite photo display method to date!

This project is basically like my top five list of favorite things all rolled into one:
Stain: check
Giant a** embroidery hoop: check
Awesome fabric: check, check
Pictures: big, fat CHECK!
Oh, and just a little touch of GOLD, of course!

I’m sure I’m like beyond late to the party, but did you know that they made hoops this big? I didn’t, until one day walking through the fabric aisle of JoAnn’s and it was like clouds parted and angels started singing. I’m told these are for quilting (again, not a sewer…late to the game here) and they come in a few different sizes, in oval and round. So, without further gushing, here’s how to make your own:

You’ll Need:
Embroidery hoop (mine is 27″)
Ribbon or cord (mine is from Hobby Lobby)

Start by staining the outside ring of the hoop (the inside will be covered with fabric, so no need to stain).  If you’ve never stained before, you can find the whole how-to rundown here.

After the stain dries, pull the fabric through the hoop AS TIGHTLY AS POSSIBLE, then hot glue the fabric to the inside of the ring–again, TIGHT! Once the fabric is glued down, you know, TIGHT, take the outer ring back off and zig zag your ribbon across and tack or glue it to the inside of the ring.

Finally, just put the outer ring back on and hang.
I hung this in Adelie’s room and filled it with Instagram pictures (what else?), some Project Life sized cards with quotes, and we’ll be adding some artwork as it’s created.
Need some Instagram photos to fill up your bulletin board? You can find my tutorial for how to print them for pennies here.


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    This is super cute! I wouldn’t know where to get an embroidery hoop here in Switzerland, but it sure is tempting to go look for it :-)

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