Thanksgiving Day is almost here! A week ago I was debating whether or not it was too early to put up Christmas decorations, and now I’m realizing that if I don’t get my butt in gear, I’m going to be late to the game! Today I wanted to share some quick, Easy No Sew Linen Napkins for your Thanksgiving table, before we permanently move on to all things Christmas around here!

Easy No-Sew Linen Napkins | MyFabulessLife.com

Here’s the thing about gatherings & parties: I BIG, PUFFY-HEART, LOVE hosting friends and family, gatherings, parties, dinners, BBQ’s…whatever. If it involves food, wine, and socializing, I’m all over it. There’s a downside though: it can get freaking expensive!! I mentioned before, I’m all about the casual thing, but this is Thanksgiving, not a backyard cookout, so paper plates and napkins are out of the question for me. Sooooo, in setting up my table, I went looking for some napkins to go with my place settings. HOLY HELL can those things get expensive. Even the basic, white ones at Walmart. Not a huge investment for a dinner party of four, but I have like 25 people coming over and it must have been a good day, because selling my first-born wasn’t an option. Onto Plan B: the fabric hoard in my basement for a much more affordable option.

You’ll need
About 1-1 ½ yds. fabric

Easy No Sew Linen Napkins | MyFabulessLife.com

Cut your fabric into 6×6 or 8×8″ squares, depending on how big you want your napkin. I just took a cloth napkin that I already had and used it as a template. The fabric with fray a little when you cut it.

Easy No Sew Linen Napkins | MyFabulessLife.com

Grab those threads, and just start pulling. Do it on all four sides of the square.

Easy No Sew Napkins | MyFabulessLife.com

And that’s it! Napkins for the Thanksgiving masses that won’t break the budget! You’ll notice that some of the edges are more frayed than others. The “fuzzier” frayed edge was the selvage edge, and I just decided to leave it and create less work for myself ;) You can obviously cut it off if you want yours to look more uniform.

You can see the napkins, as well as my full Thanksgiving table here!

Rustic, neutral Thanksgiving table | See more at MyFabulessLife.com



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      I honestly haven’t washed mine yet, but you can buy some Fray Check at the fabric store, which is a liquid that you put along the frayed edge and will stop it from fraying any more. Sorry, I should have mentioned that.

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