It’s been a productive couple of weeks at my house (finally) and I’ll be getting back to the goold old DIY stuff later this week, but today I thought I’d share one of my main go-to meals. As a matter of fact, I probably cook this waaay too often, because it’s quick, can be customized for whatever you’re feeling on any given night (read: solicits minimal whining from the little ones)–or customized to what needs to be cleaned out of the fridge, and EASY, because the crust is straight from the package. Yup, the just-add-water, $0.50 at Walmart kind and it’s DELICIOUS!!

Start with the packaged crust. I’ve tried lots of different ones, and we always go back to the Walmart brand one. I’ve also learned that when it says on the package, “1/2 cup HOT water” it really needs to be HOT water. Just a tip.

Prep your ingredients of choice. These are some of our favorites, but it rotates between this and BBQ chicken pizza with mozzarella, red onion, grilled chicken, marinated artichoke hearts, and BBQ sauce. (FYI, the grape tomatoes are TO DIE!!!)
The trick to making it extra delicious: a cracker thin crust. I use a cookie sheet and roll the crust out and then stretch it until it’s almost paper thin. You can see a few places where I even had to do some patchwork.
Cook the crust according to the package directions (about 5 minutes), then add your toppings (you can see someone in the family prefers a plain old pepperoni & cheese).

Bake again for about 10 minutes and eat! Can’t beat a less than 30 minute meal!!

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    This looks SO yummy! I don’t shop at Walmart much (die hard Target fan here) but I may have to go there just to get some dough mix. Have you ever tried the Trader Joe’s pre-made pizza dough? They have a few flavors but our favorite is the garlic and herb. Okay, this is making me hungry now…

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