Easy Halloween Decorating

I’ve made a new commitment to myself that all holidays that are not Christmas get only ONE box of decorations. It’s partly due to my “paring down” thing I’ve been doing, and partly, mostly, if I’m being honest, because I have so much Christmas stuff that the storage room is running out of room. #priorities So this year’s Halloween is just some easy touches around the house, in fact, my one box is still about 3/4 full of decorations that I didn’t use, and I didn’t buy a single new thing (small victories). So I guess maybe it’s time to pare it down a bit more ;)


I hung a new shelf this week on an awkward wall by my entry way, and it finally feels like I found something that fits this wall just right. So, of course, new space to decorate got the Halloween treatment first. My first rule of easy Halloween decor: Put a pumpkin on it. DUH! Right? Is there such thing as too many pumpkins? I think not. And to make it a Halloween pumpkin, add a mask. When Halloween is over, take it off, and it’s back to Fall. Doesn’t get any easier than that.


It’s always funny to me the little things that end up being my favorite. In this case, a little bunch of black feathers in tied together on a vintage flower frog. I don’t know what it is, I just love it. And all good holidays deserve a countdown, right? You can find this one here.


The skeleton hand in the jar made a reappearance this year. Same hand, different jar, and a couple of spiders thrown in the mix. The hand is just a plastic skeleton hand from the dollar store that I spray painted. And I love black eyed peas (is that what these are?) as a vase filler for Halloween. The black and white just works. Black beans are great too, and beans are CHEAP!


Another easy Halloween decorating trick? Channel your inner Portlandia and “put a bird on it.” Confession: that’s one of the two episodes of that show I’ve seen, add it to the list of things that I’m just not cool enough to get. I tried, I just couldn’t get into it. Also on that list, Radiohead and Curb Your Enthusiasm–just in case you were wondering what else is on that list, I’m sure you were totally dying to know.


I bought this little guy at Hobby Lobby last year (they have them again this year) and he didn’t really have a place this year, but he was too cute to put back in the box, so I just set him up on the buffet next to the alcohol. He’s got his hat on and he’s ready for a par-tayy!

Another confession: I HATE paper straws. They’re so weird and soggy to drink out of, but they make cute decor, so I pulled these ones back out from last year and just set them out on the “bar.” I just love those little black and white Jack-O-Lanterns.



A few more pumpkins, and masks, and birds on the kitchen shelves.




And our big chalkboard dressed up a bit in our little garage entryway. Don’t look closely at my spiderweb attempt, it’s kind of sad ;) (That cute little “Cake by the ocean,” sign is from The Summery Umbrella. That one stays up all year because, well, cake by the ocean…it’s appropriate any time.



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