A few weeks ago in my Fall Home Tour, I mentioned my slight obsession with raw cotton and my disappointment over our lack of it here in Utah. Imagine my excitement when I opened my e-mail to a sweet reader offering to send me some all the way from her COTTON FARM in North Carolina!! Uh, yes please!! We exchanged e-mails and she said she would be sending a box shortly. Imagine my double excitement when a HUGE box full of beautiful cotton showed up on my doorstep along with some amazing turkey feathers. I’m honestly still overwhelmed by what a sweet gesture this was from someone I have never met. I can guarantee you’ll be seeing a lot more of this stuff around my house, but today I want to share a quick $2.00 fall wreath I made with some of the cotton. Isn’t it amazing?!! And it’s SOOO soft!!

fall wreath

I grabbed ribbon and a wreath form at the dollar store and few bolls of cotton that had fallen off of the stems during shipping. If you can’t find real cotton, most of the craft stores have faux cotton stems in the floral section–be sure to take you’re 40% off coupon because they’re about $12.00 each.

fall wreath, easy fall wreath, raw cotton wreath, My-Fabuless-Life

Wrap the ribbon around the wreath and secure it to the back of the wreath form with hot glue. Next, just glue the cotton to the front of the wreath.

simple fall wreath, easy fall wreath, fall decor ideas, thanksgiving decor, My-Fabuless-Life

After I glued the cotton on, it still seemed like it needed a little something. I found this Indian corn at our local farmer’s market the other day for $1.00 each–the most awesome Indian corn I’ve ever seen by the way.

fall wreath ideas, easy fall wreath, fall mantel, My-Fabuless-Life

I cut off a few of the husks and just glued them behind the cotton. I love the little pops of purple in the husk against the neutrals in the wreath. That’s it! Super simple, 10 minute wreath for fall and it cost me $2.00!

fall wreath, easy fall wreath, fall wreath ideas, my-fabuless-life


  1. Carrie Cook says

    My mom recently passed away and she loved cotton so I am on the hunt for cotton so I can have something that she loved close to me. I live in Tn and can’t find any though. I did find a wreath very similar to the one you made at a craft fair and bought it. It makes me think of her every time I look at it! Super sweet!

    • says

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how important it is to be able to have those things around that remind you of them, so I’m glad you could find something. If you have a Hobby Lobby close by, I actually saw some in their floral section not too long ago?

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