I know I’ve already said it a million times, but man I LOVE fall!! When life finally calms down after the rat race of summer, the weather turns cool, the scarves,boots and lattes are a daily necessity, and everything is really just right with the world. I’m thrilled today to be teaming up with 20 other talented bloggers, thanks to our lovely hostess Laura at Finding Home, to invite you into our homes and give you a little peek at how we do it up for the fall season.

If you’re just hopping over from At The Picket Fence, a big, warm, welcome. Grab a hot cup of coffee, curl up and come on in. I’m so excited to have you. 
I like to keep things simple, and minimal when it comes to seasonal decorating. Just changing a few things up here and there and things that will carry through the whole season, and even into winter without a lot of fuss. I save the big guns for Christmas time, which my husband has dubbed, “a whole other brand of Jenn crazy.”
Simple and neutral, with feathers, natural wood accents, and some of my grandmother’s lace doilies framed by embroidery hoops.

And gold. Always LOTS of gold. If you’re new here, you’ll find that most of what I put in my home has a lot of sentimental meaning. Like this printers tray of my mom’s, filled with all kinds of treasures from family trips and outings.

I am plaid obsessed, especially in the fall, so I made a few simple pillows to change out for the season, and added a few more chunky throws for maximum cold weather comfort, and a quick table runner for the coffee table to give it that cozy fall feeling. It’s amazing what a few small tweaks can do to change the mood of a room.
A simple pine cone garland, made from pine cones we picked up on one of our Sunday family hikes, adds a little fall somethin’ somethin’ one of my favorite “art” pieces.

My favorite little corner is mostly unchanged, except for a few books in some richer colors for fall, vintage boxes, and some glided pine cones and pumpkins.

Yes, my walls are black, and yes, I looovvveee them. Especially this time of year. They’re perfect for the darker colors of fall. We try to eat together at the dinner table as much as possible, so I go for minimal, simple centerpieces that are easy to clear off and put back. Did I mention that we’re all about “no fuss” around here?
We don’t have a fireplace (I long for one), so the shelf in our kitchen does mantel duty around here. Can you tell yet that I’m a pretty big fan of embroidery hoops? They’re such an easy, and inexpensive way to change out decor. I’m so jealous of all of my friends who live in the south and have access to beautiful stems of raw cotton, but I was happy to settle for the faux version when I stumbled across them at JoAnn’s. In fact, I may have done a little dance in the aisle and rambled on about it to the cashier who looked at me like I was nuts–something I’m sort of used to at this point ;)

More natural elements on the other side. A vase filled with bark I picked up on another one of our Sunday hikes, and more pine cones. Apparently the name of my fall game is pine cones and plaid. A few more feathers in an old liquor bottle rounds out the whole natural vibe. Does anyone else make their liquor choices based on the bottle it comes in? Because I totally do! (Print is available in my shop.)

Thank you for stopping by my home, I hope you were inspired. You can see more here if you want to stay a while longer, I promise you will never overstay your welcome.
I’m a big believer that things don’t have to be expensive or over the top to achieve the mood you want in your home. Think outside of the box and use what you have in different ways or just move a few things around. And be crazy like me and pick up things like pieces of bark and pine cones everywhere you go! The looks you’ll get from people are fabulous.
I’m the last stop on today’s tour, but be sure to come back tomorrow to see the beautiful homes of four more bloggers, starting with Not Just A Housewife. And if you’re wanting even more inspiration, you can check out the Finding Fall Pinterest board or have inspiration delivered directly to your inbox with Better Homes & Gardens 100 Days of Holidays.
If you want to start from the beginning of the tour, head over to Finding Home and check out all of the fall goodness from beginning to end!


  1. Anonymous says

    I really like your home and style. This year we inherited a little house way up north on a woodsy lake lot and have been trying to come up with a name for it. Pinecones and Plaid! That’s it! I am going to copy that adorable display of yours with the Toile and Plaid inside embroderiery hoops on a black background and hang it right inside the front door! Thank you so much. And yes, thank you, I will stay and have a look around :-) Pamela


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