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Do you ever walk into Anthropologie and just feel like you should drop to your knees and bow before talent that is their display staff? Okay, dramatic much? I know. But seriously, every time I walk in that store I’m in awe of the simple, everyday things they turn into stunning displays. I mean, when your six year old stops in front of the store and declares, “That is the coolest window I have ever seen!!!”, you know it’s a winner. And while I may not have a need in my house for an amazing installation of dipped paint brushes hanging from the ceiling and a vintage ladder in the middle of the room (I should have taken a picture), I always find little things that I can take away and use in my house. Or even just scale some of their stuff down to a more home-decor level. Such was the case with this little bulletin board I spotted at the back of the store a couple of weeks ago. I’m that girl in Anthro with my camera out gasping at every turn so I can take the ideas home and try them myself. I get lots of side-eyed looks. So today I give you my Five Minute, Anthro-Inspired, Easy DIY Bulletin Board.

Easy DIY Bulletin Board Dorm Decor MyFabulessLife.com

You’ll Need:

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Plywood, cut to desired size (just the cheap stuff, and I used a scrap I had in the garage)
Self-adhesive cork roll
Rubber Bands
Thumb Tacks or
Furniture Tacks

How to Make A Bulletin Board MyFabulessLife.com

Okay, so this gets really hard, I hope you can handle it (insert strong sarcasm–my six year old could make this): cut the cork to size (I left about an inch border around mine), then peel off the back and stick it on.

Easy DIY Office Ideas MyFabulessLife.com


Whew, glad we made it through that step ;) Anthro had thumbtacks in the corners, basically for decorative purposes, and I tried the thumbtacks, but you can see from the final pictures, I kind of wanted something a little more vintage, rustic looking, so I pulled out some furniture tacks I’ve had sitting in a drawer for years (they were the remnants of a really dumb idea I had once upon a time) and used those instead. I had to do a little doctoring though because they were really long and didn’t want to go through the layers of wood. So, I got out some wire cutters, cut them down a little and then stuck them in.

Bulletin Board Instructions MyFabulessLife.com


Finally, just put the rubber bands on wherever you want them. I liked them kind of messy and effortless looking–and by “effortless,” I mean painstakingly placed in a messy fashion. You know, like that beautiful woman at the mall that envy for her “effortless” look, but you know that it took her like two hours to get ready ;)

Five Minute Bulletin Board MyFabulessLife.com


Easy DIY Bulletin Board MyFabulessLife.com

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