Drop Cloth Scrap Bulletin Board

What do I love? Ten minute projects! What do I have? Drop cloth coming out my ears! Okay, so apparently there’s been too much Dora going on at my house.  In fact, every time we go somewhere lately, my daughter yells “Where are we going?”  about 30 times and expects you to be just as excited with your response as she is. Oh, and if you’re new here {hello and thank you} and wondering why I have so much drop cloth, you can find out here.

Anyway, being that my daughter’s room is technically supposed to be a “ballerina room” I wanted a way to display her first pair of ballet shoes–and they’re just so darn adorable I wanted to look at them all the time.

I had plans of doing just a standard little hanger with a piece of old wood and knobs, but then I walked in my office and saw this basket full of leftover scraps of drop cloth and an old canvas.  Lightbulb!

So for this project you’ll need:
*drop cloth (or fabric of choice) torn or cut into strips
I like the shabby edges, so I tear
*a canvas (my canvas is one of the thick ones)
*a glue gun

First I laid my strips out to see where I wanted them to overlap and how many I needed.

Then put glue on each end of the strip and glue it to the outside edges of the canvas.

Like this. 
Then I finished off the edges with another strip.  I liked the look of the sides like you see above, but since I was using strips I already had, some of them weren’t long enough to cover the canvas, so I had to cover all of the sides with another strip of fabric.  Hope that makes sense.

I hung her ballet shoes with the glitter clothespins I made, added my favorite pair of her baby shoes, and voila!

I love this so much I think I’m actually going to make another one to hang pictures and messages in my kitchen.  And since it’s on a canvas, you could use pins or thumbtacks instead of clothespins as well.

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