The farm table tutorial has sort of turned out to be one of those projects that was SO simple to do, but such long and involved writing, so I’ll be back later this week to finish up the “how to seal it” part, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a quick tutorial for some simple gold pumpkin place cards, perfect for Thanksgiving.
You’ll need:
Small pumpkins spray painted gold (or color of your choice)
Black cardstock
Exacto Knife
For the “chalkboard” name cards, just write the name on the black cardstock with chalk.  It has the chalkboard feel, but without all that painting stuff with chalkboard paint, or hunting down mini chalkboards.

To insert your card, just slice down the middle of the stem with your knife and slip it it.  (Yes, I noticed after I had taken all of my pictures that I had missed painting the bottom of my pumpkin.)

 That’s it! Doesn’t get easier than that, and best of all, they were $0.50 each!!

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