Paint is one of my very favorite things in the whole world. From the time I was little I remember being fascinated by paint colors and really, seeing the world in paint colors–no lie. I’m weird, I know. I used to come home from trips to the hardware store with my parents with pockets full of paint chips, because they were just so awesome. But more than that, I love it because it’s an inexpensive way to completely transform my home and really make it me, and it’s so simple that anyone can use paint in a million different ways to turn your home into something you love and turn all of that inspiration you’ve been filing away in your brain into reality. And it doesn’t have to just be on the walls. While I gravitate towards neutrals for the overall colors in my home, I also LOVE me some good pops of color for furniture and accent pieces, especially in the summertime. Today I’m showing you how to make a super simple decorative tray with a few quarts of paint and a few inexpensive items you may already have just laying around in garage. 

I started with a piece of scrap plywood (originally meant for another project that didn’t quite work out), two cabinet handles, and a couple of quarts of Glidden® paint.
I wanted the tray to add a little pop of summer color to my decor and usually choosing paint and especially choosing a combination of colors, is like an all day affair for me since there are about a million and one different shades of each color to choose from, but using the Glidden paint made it super simple because the palate is simplified to beautiful colors that make picking one (or three) a breeze. It makes this indecisive gal one happy lady! I used Glidden Paint Apricot Nectar, Glidden Paint White on White, and Glidden Paint Bubblegum Pink.
Next, I stained the wood and then taped off a geometric pattern with painters tape. (Hint: If you’re into beachy decor, this would make an AWESOME nautical flag piece! I wanted mine asymmetrical, so I didn’t tape from exactly corner to corner, making some of the “triangles” larger, and some smaller.
Next, I painted each section a different color using small foam rollers.
And because nothing goes long around here without a touch of gold, I added a little gold leaf to the last piece and then attached my knobs for handles (which you’ll notice also got some gold spray paint). 

It’s amazing how a few little pops of simplified color can make such a dramatic difference in your decor. The possibilites with this little tray are really endless: serving at summer parties, bar items, a centerpiece for the dining table–wherever you can use a tray really. OR, if you’re not in the market for a tray, this would also make an AWESOME inexpensive, personalized art piece. Hang two side by side and you’ve got some serious wall candy!! 

This post was sponsored by Glidden paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Glidden paint, all opinions are my own.


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    Silly me! I was at Menards the other day and I saw some handles like those on sale for $1 — yes, I said $1. I passed on them because I didn’t know what I would do with them and I really didn’t want to add to my hoarding stash and see my husband roll his eyes. Now I need to run back there and pray the handles are still in that dollar bin and make a tray!!!

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