Handmade Party Decorations & Favors

Today I’m interrupting all of the Halloween/Fall stuff going on over here to bring you a couple of tutorials, as promised, from my daughter’s 4th birthday party last month.  Just know as you read, that mediocre tutorials are what happen when you procrastinate a party and throw everything together last minute and completely forget to take pictures of the process.  Luckily, these are super simple, and probably easy enough to figure out just by looking at the pictures, so today I’m sharing a couple of easy, affordable DIY projects that we used for my daughter’s art birthday party last month.

First up is the ribbon chandelier:

I picked up an embroidery hoop and some ribbon at Hobby Lobby, and haphazardly cut them to the lengths I wanted, to give it a little bit of an uneven look.

Once all of your ribbon is cut, just take the end of the ribbon, fold it over the hoop and hot glue the ribbon to itself–this way you can move them around if you need to to fit other colors in between.  I finished mine off with some decorative pom pom trim hot glued around the top.  Tie a string or twine across the top for hanging and you’re done.
Next up are the party favors. I wish I could say that these were an original idea, but I’d seen them on a few of my favorite blogs (here and here) and decided that this was the perfect occasion to make some of my own. 

 I found my jars at Walmart on the same aisle as the Mason jars, but these don’t have any lettering on them (which I actually wanted for these) and they’re a couple dollars cheaper ($6.00 for 12).  I also grabbed a bag of super cheap jungle animals off of the toy aisle at Walmart for around $2.00.  Think about it: less than $10 for a cute, useful party favor is a total winner in my book (and if you’re counting the jars there, I had four left over for myself — SCORE!)

Glue the animals to the lid (I used E6000) and then spray paint them any color you want.  This picture was after the paint had dried.  When you paint, don’t put the flat part of the lid inside the ring; spread them out and paint them separately.  Let them dry overnight, and then screw on the tops.

I filled the jar with homemade crayons (a perfect project for the kids to help with) using this Whipperberry tutorial (I love her version).  Ikea sells silicon ice cube trays for like $1.00 each, so we used those for our molds.  I bought some blank 3×5 cards that I had intended to tie to the jar, but again with that whole procrastination thing, so I just ended up handing them out with the jars as the kids left.  

Parties should be fun, and as stress free as possible.  Both of these projects took me about half an hour (plus drying time for the paint), and the entire party cost me around $30.00.  
Have you done some thrifty DIY projects for parties?  I’d love to hear about them!


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    Totally love the decorations and favors! I just made some of the mason jar painted animal tops and stored my kid’s play-doh in them. So simple and so fun! Thanks for sharing.

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