I mentioned earlier this week that I’m hosting a bridal shower for my brother’s fiance, so I’ve been working on some decorations. Considering my new found love for these little paper flowers, I decided to try making them into a garland to go with our farmer’s market themed kitchen shower, and I’m pretty stoked about the results!

These little paper cones remind me of the beautiful bunches of flowers from the market and just make me happy.
Here’s how to make your own:
You’ll Need:
Tissue Paper
20, 18, or 16 gauge jewelry wire (the bigger the better)
Scrapbook or Kraft Paper
Hot Glue
Washi Tape or Staples
Wood Skewers
Small Clothespins
1. Make the paper flowers (link is above). The only difference here is that I made the flowers smaller by cutting my tissue paper to about 6″x 8″ (any smaller and they’re hard to fluff). I also left out the felt ball centers. I originally intended to use them, but they were a little big for this size flower.
2. Next, cut out your cones using the template above (just click, right click, save and print).

3. After your templates are cut, fold the sides together and secure with staples or washi tape.

4. Squirt a decent sized gob of hot glue down in the bottom of the cone and stick a skewer in. Cut your skewer to your desired length (how far you want your flower to sit above the cone) and glue the flower to the skewer.

5. Clip the clothespin to the skewer and then clip it to the jewelry wire. I love the jewelry wire because it comes in a million colors so you can match it to your color scheme! (A little note: I tried stringing the wire through the cones, but it wasn’t all that stable, so I found the clothespins worked better.)

I’m pretty smitten with these, so I think they may just be staying right in this spot long after the shower is over.


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