DIY Painted Cutting Boards

I’ve been seeing these awesome color-blocked painted cutting boards all over the place and have wanted a few for my kitchen for a while, if I’m honest, more for the purposes of looking cute on the counter than being useful, but the best things are those that are functional AND fashionable, right? So, I’ve seen a few when I’ve been out and about, but haven’t been able to bring myself to drop the $30+ on a cutting board. Then, I was at Ikea the other day and found these babies for $2.99 each and today I’m going to show you how I made my own painted cutting boards for WAY LESS.

diy color blocked cutting boards my fabuless life

This is one of those projects that’s so simple, it doesn’t really even warrant a tutorial, but you get one anyway ;) . Since I was going to be using these for food, I did a little research on food-safe paints and sealants and was surprised to find out that most finishes are food safe once they’re completely cured. It’s possible that little bits would chip off on things like cutting boards, but it’s highly unlikely that it would be a large enough amount to be an issue. Would I paint the whole thing? Probably not, but I felt safe enough with painting the tops of these.

So, I used painters tape to create the line I wanted and then just painted them with regular old craft paint. Since the craft paint will chip pretty easily, I gave them a coat of WATER BASED polyurethane once the paint had dried. Oil based poly will yellow, especially on lighter colors, over time, so make sure you use water based. You can also use shellac or wax and as long as it’s COMPLETELY cured, the finish is food safe (based on my internet research, so proceed at your own risk ;) ).

diy painted cutting boards my fabuless life


That’s it! I tied a little piece of scrap leather onto one of them so I could hang it if I wanted. I’m thinking I needed to go buy about 10 more of these and make myself some fun serving ware, or just gifts for friends!

ikea cutting board hack my fabuless life



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    So adorable! And easy to make! And inexpensive! These would make wonderful gifts painted with the colors of friends/family/neighbors’ kitchens.

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