Did Mother’s Day sneak up on anyone else?!! This week I’m sharing some simple, super budget-friendly, dare I say: cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas. If you’ve got ten minutes and less than ten bucks, you’ve got these gifts in the bag! 

First up is this insanely easy jewelry dish. Cost? $1.00. No lie. It’s made from a terracotta dish from the garden section of Walmart. You know, the ones that go underneath pots. So here’s how to make your own:

Terracotta dish
Craft paint
Gold leaf or guilding liquid
Painters Tape
Start by painting your dish. I tried spray paint, latex paint (like for painting walls), and craft paint. Craft paint was the ONLY one that worked. The dishes are really porous, and the craft paint seemed to be the only one that worked well with the texture of the dish. The spray paint completely crackled and stayed sticky fooorrrever, and the latex paint just left brush strokes everywhere. I used three coats of craft paint.
Next, tape off a design on your dish with painters tape and paint on the liquid guild or gold leaf. This design is actually different than what I ended up with. I didn’t like what it looked like after I pulled off the tape, so I filled in some of the spaces that the tape left.
This is also a great project to do with the kids. I let Adelie get in on the fun and make one of her own, and it was her own brand of fabulous. 
I failed to take after pictures of hers, but it turned out similar to this mother’s day project from a couple of years ago. And if mom’s not into the jewelry thing, these make great catch-alls for the entry way, or for paperclips and office supplies on her desk.
I’ll be back tomorrow with gift idea number two! 


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