DIY Instagram Coasters – Project Revival

*Originally posted Dec 2011*

Gift buying/making is getting down to the wire, so in the next two weeks, I’ll be re-sharing some of my favorite projects that would make perfect handmade gifts for various people on your list.  First up, DIY Instagram coasters.

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered since becoming a parent, it’s that you can almost never go wrong with some sort of grandchild photo-centered gift.  And if you’re as obsessed with Instagram as I am, it means that you already have tons of beautifully edited pictures at your fingertips.  The only problem with Instagram is that the pictures are small, so what do you do with them when you can’t frame them?  Make coasters!  Which is also a perfect way for grandparents to brag a little.  “Oh, let me get you a coaster for your drink…yes, that’s my granddaughter, isn’t she adorable?…” queue endless bragging about intelligence, accomplishments, etc…you know how it goes.

These are so easy to make.  You’ll need:
Printed Instagram photos {more info on how to do that below}
4×4 {or any size square} tile {mine were purchased at the Restore for about $0.15/ea but they’re super cheap at the hardware store also}
Mod Podge

Instagram photos can either be printed from your home printer or there are services like Persnickety Prints where you can order them.  Also, if you have other photos you want to use that aren’t from Instagram, you can open them in PicMonkey {my absolute favorite website in the world} and crop them into a square.

*To print mine at home, I saved my Instagrams off to my computer {open the picture and right-click “save” or “download” from Facebook if you post them there also}.  Then I opened a Publisher document {Photoshop would also work}, inserted my pictures on the page and then formatted the picture to be 4″ x 4″.  If you have questions on this, I’m happy to answer in the comments.  Then I just printed them on my home computer.  Thinner paper {like regular old printer paper} will adhere to the coasters better. *

Once you’ve printed and cut out your photos, paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the tile {if your photos are printed on photo paper, it probably wouldn’t hurt to sand the tile with a rough sandpaper first so it adheres better}and lay your picture down.  {You can find my Mod Podge method here.}

Let it dry, then brush another coat over the top of the picture and let that coat dry.  Mod Podge is not very moisture-friendly, so I also sprayed mine with a clear coat of spray paint after they were dry.

These literally took like 10 minutes of actual work time to make {minus drying time in between coats}.  Your little one’s artwork would also be awesome for these.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi there – I LOVE your idea for photo coasters as kid-made presents for grandparents. Did you also put a felt or cork backing on the tiles? (To keep them from scratching furniture, etc.)
    Thanks again,

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