DIY Haunted Houses

These houses are some of my favorite Halloween decorations that I own. Wood or paper mache “Christmas” houses from the craft store don’t have to be painted.  Get out the scrapbook paper and Mod Podge and make them fabulously spooky.  Seriously, what witch wouldn’t want to live in a house covered Halloween damask and glitter?  
I made these a couple of years ago, pre-blogging, so please forgive me as I try to give some basic instructions with no pictures of the process.
I will say that covering these with paper is a little more time consuming.  I started each with a coat of black spray paint.  For this house, I mod podged a square of paper over each side and then just took an Exacto knife and cut through the windows.  Since everything was square, that one was pretty simple.
For the triangles on the roof, just measure your triangles, cut some paper to fit and Mod Podge it on.
For the black and orange house, you’ll notice that there are lots of squiggly shutters and crooked windows, so this one was a little harder to cut out the windows and door, but I figured out that after spray painting it and letting it dry, if I cut the paper in the general triangle shape of the house, laid the paper on the house and then gently rubbed it, the black spray paint left lines on the back of my paper in the shape of all of the shutters and windows and I just cut them out, again with an Exacto knife.  Once my holes were cut out, I Mod Podged the paper onto the house.  The “window holes” were a little off in some places, so I just sanded off the excess paper around the shutters and windows, which also gave me that worn look on the painted spots.  
As a general note, I sand almost every paper/Mod Podge project I do because it makes the paper look aged and worn and gives you a clean edge.

After the tedious paper part comes the fun stuff: embellishments.  

For this one, antique looking buttons (from Hobby Lobby’s scrapbook section), Halloween scrapbook embellishments, some cupcake topper Jack O’ Lanterns out front, and if you look closely in the picture above, you’ll see a skeleton (button) dancing on the chimney and Jack O’ Lantern (buttons) in the windows.

Again, scrapbook embellishments here and then the moon and fence came from one of those sets of about 10,000 foam Halloween shapes that I just covered with glitter.

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