DIY Halloween Masks for Dolls

Most days I feel like I’m really wingin’ this mom thing. And then there are those rare days when I’m like, “Adelie, why am I the most awesome mom in the world?” Yes, I actually asked her that yesterday while I was making little Halloween masks for her dolls. She agreed that I was amazing, until it was time for homework then I was “the meanest mom” again, and again when I wouldn’t let her have her second cupcake of the day. #momlife, right? Anyway, I thought I’d share the template with all of you in case you’re needing a little mom win, or just because it’s Halloween and everything is cuter in miniature.

Halloween Masks for Bitty Baby and American Girl Dolls

I just picked up a couple of pieces of glitter craft foam at Hobby Lobby. Trace the template onto the back of the craft foam (these chalk pencils are the greatest!!), and cut it out. For the pink ears and nose, I just cut them out of a piece of glitter ribbon that I had and glued them on with some craft glue. Then string an elastic (or ribbon works too, but I didn’t want to tie the mask on the doll 300 times a day ;) ), and you’re done!

DIY American Girl Doll Halloween Mask

Aren’t they really just the cutest?!!

DIY Halloween Masks for Dolls

To print the template, just follow the link, download the file and then print as a “full page.” There is one for an 18″ doll (like an American Girl Doll) or a 15″ doll (like a Bitty Baby). This is nothing fancy, just my drawings ;). Click on the link below to download.

Doll Mask Template


DIY Halloween Doll Mask

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