I’m so excited today to be teaming up with a crazy-talented group of ladies as we invite you relax, pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly…oh wait…that’s something else (can you tell I live with a five year old?). Twenty-five bloggers, including myself, would like to invite you to relax, grab a cup of coffee (and a chair), and Be Our Guest at our Thanksgiving tables, as we share place settings, tablescapes, and a fabulous DIY project from all 25 of us! If this is your first time here at MFL, welcome! I’m so thrilled to have you!! Today I’m sharing my super simple DIY Gold Dipped Wine Glasses — just a little something to give those plain old gals a little somethin’ somethin’!

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I’m hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year and will have about 20 people over! While I’m more of a very casual, elegance type of girl (emphasis on the casual), I like for everything to at least match. Admittedly, most of my wine glasses I received for my wedding eight years ago have long ago broken, and my collection consists mostly of a classy assortment of a few plastic ones, and stemware from sorority and fraternity formals back in college. I wanted something a little more, shall we say? ADULT, for my Thanksgiving table, and enough to serve all 20 people. That can get expensive. As fate would have it, I was walking through Target the other day (okay, maybe not so much fate as the fact that I’m there like every other day), and I saw stemless wine glasses for $1.00 each–tis the season for cheap dinnerware–and the wheels started turning! Of course, in my house, we don’t settle for Plain Jane drink-ware, and nothing is safe from the gold.

DIY Gold Dipped Wine Glasses |

These are so simple they take about 10 minutes and three supplies.

You’ll Need:

Wine Glasses
Gold Spray Paint
Painters Tape

gold wine glasses

Start by pulling the stickers off (why don’t they make those less sticky??), and giving them a good wash and dry so there are no spots. Tape off the rims of the glasses with the painter’s tape, far enough down so your lips won’t be touching paint when you take a sip. You’ll notice that I didn’t do this part because I didn’t think the overspray would reach that far up the glass, but it did–lessons learned. Then, to paint the glasses, hold the glass upside down by the top, start spraying off of the glass, and move the glass into the paint stream, close enough that your’re getting coverage, but far enough that it’s a light coat and not dripping. Spray closer to the glass at the bottom, and then pull further away as you move up the glass, stopping about half way up. Turn the glass as you spray so that the whole thing is painted. AND, since I know this makes more sense when you have a visual, I present to you my video debut–or rather, my hands’ video debut–to show you how it’s done:

Make sure that you get the very bottom completely covered too, and then set them upside down to dry for a few hours. I would recommend hand-washing these, or covering them with a clear coat or coat of dishwasher safe decoupage if you’ll be using them often, or want to, you know, wash them in the dishwasher.

diy gold wine glasses from

That’s it! I paired mine with some natural wood elements, my mom’s china, and some DIY linen napkins and napkin rings (which I’ll be sharing soon). If you’ve been here for a while, you know this is the year of the cotton at my house, so I added a stem of cotton to each place setting.

On Wednesday, I’ll be back for White Buffalo Sytling Co’s BSHT, sharing my full Thanksgiving table, why I’m so excited about the story behind it, and a few more snippets of my Thanksgiving decor.

thanksgiving table ideas

Now be sure to head over and check out all of the other beautiful Thanksgiving goodness that this talented group of ladies has put together!! There’s SO MUCH inspiration. And thanks for stopping by!!

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    You’ve shared such a simple way to transform dollar glasses! Those plates are beautiful, too, by the way. It was so exciting to participate with everyone and see all the fantastic inspiration! Have a great holiday season.


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