I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until the day die: when people know you have no shame in accepting free stuff and you like the old, weird and ugly-with-potential, great things come your way!!
My house is builders-grade, boob light HEAVEN, or shall I say HELL, so I’ve been looking for something to go over my dining table pretty much since the day we moved in, but everything I wanted seemed to be just a little too spendy.   This is what it looked like a couple of years ago (the best before pic I could find–I’m so horrible at befores.)

This thing is SO ugly and cheap–and silver.  Not to mention, it was hanging SUPER high on the ceiling, because putting our buffet in here moved the center of our dining room and we had to hook it to a different spot in the ceiling so it would sit over the table right.  Yes, we could have added some chain, but I can be a little (or a lot) lazy sometimes and I also didn’t care to do anything to it since I knew someday it would be changing anyway.
My sister (the same one that gave me the old cabinets), got this fixture from a friend who cleans out foreclosed houses, and when she decided she didn’t have anywhere to put it, I was happy to take it off her hands.  Are those fake, plastic candlesticks not one of the most awful things you’ve ever seen? I knew it had potential though.  Simple. Rustic-ish. Black. Exposed bulbs.  SOLD.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the leaves under each light, but for free, it was minimal enough that I can live with it.
Before I went to work on the makeover, I had my husband check it and make sure it actually worked. Nothing like getting all excited for a project for nothing.  Once we knew it would work, I started by ripping all of those ugly, plastic candle things off.
Then I cleaned off all the gunk, and just started wrapping my rope (which I bought at Lowe’s).  I put a little hot glue on the bottom to stick it on, then just wrapped it tightly up the stand, hot gluing again at the top to hold it in place.
You can see I stopped just a little short of wrapping it all the way to where the light bulb screws in. Something about hot light bulbs possibly touching rope, didn’t exactly scream “SAFETY” to me.  I trimmed off all of the extra “fur,” and then handed it over to the hubs.
My husband bought a cord and chain kit at Lowe’s and rewired the light so we could finally hang it at a normal height.  I’m not a rewiring expert, so I won’t attempt a tutorial, but I’ll just say that Google and YouTube are a great resource for just about anything.
You can see what I meant earlier about moving the placement of light.  We simply wired the light in the original spot and then put a hook in the ceiling to actually center it over the table. A little swag, and it almost looks like it was always meant to be that way ; )


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    Swinging by (get it? Swinging – chandelier??) from Vintage Revivals and just had to say that not only is your light fixture awesome, I’m also seriously crushing on that lovely dark wall. And valance. Oh, and jars and buffet. Pretty much everything…

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    The light turned out great! And I love your whole dining area! That black wall and the wood elements are gorgeous! Pinning this and now following you on Twitter. :)

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    I love that! I have a chandelier that I have been procrastinating on because I didn’t have just tg he right thing to do. I think this might be it! I love the look of your entire dining room! Thanks for sharing!

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