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So, nothing big today, but along with the changes in the living room lately, I’ve been sort of milling around the house tweaking things here and there, adding stuff, taking stuff away. Seriously…the junk I’ve cleared out of my house in the last two months has been AMAZINGLY LIBERATING (and a little pathetic–I have like three posts worth on that subject coming sometime in the near future). Anyway, today I just thought I’d show you around some of the changes to one of my favorite spots in my house. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know this space well because it’s one of the most changed up places around here. BUT, I think it’s safe to say that it won’t be changing again for a while because I’m pretty darn happy with the state of things as they are right now.

Open shelves in the dining room |

In case you’re new around here (or you’ve forgotten): Hi, I’m Jenn. Hoarder of sentimental and old things (emphasis on the sentimental). And this is why I hoard them! So I can hang them up and put them on shelves and look at them all the time and think happy thoughts. The silverware in the apothecary jar was my great grandma’s and is literally one of the only things that has never moved from this space. My grandma passed it onto me about five years ago, and it may jump between the buffet and shelf, but that’s as far as it goes, because it’s one of my VERY favorite things. And bonus: it makes it really easy to grab a few extra pieces of silverware when we have people over and run a little short.

kitchen decorating ideas

When I saw these bowls at Homegoods a couple of months ago, it was like a slow motion, running through a field, type of moment. Well, actually, it was more like a put it in the cart, walk around for an hour trying to talk myself out of it because it’s more than I want to spend, type of scene. But that soft, color-dipped goodness won and #NoRegrets. I’m obsessed with them! In fact, I wish I had bought the second set they had. Just a little FYI, we use them all the time too, so they’re not just there to look pretty.

open shelves in the kitchen

I also moved my grandma’s doilies from the entryway, to this wall at Christmastime, and they’re not going anywhere. The black wall, the vintage white, the wood of the embroidery hoops: it’s my fav. And that wood box: my grandpa was a shop teacher and a crazy talented wood worker. I’m pretty sure he MADE this box for all of his drill bits. It opens in three sections with little grooves for the bits in each section. It’s also perfectly beat up and loved–also my fav.

shelf styling

Vintage books from the thrift store. Because always vintage books. AL-WAYS!

vintage books

And the top of the buffet. Well, the top of the buffet I’m not exactly crazy about at this point, but I do love this little corner. The corner where I pretend my life is cool and exciting and necessitates bar supplies being readily available. Wanna know a secret? We’ve never even used these glasses…or the bottle opener. That’s not to say a crazy #MomLife day doesn’t call for pulling the cheap bottle of wine out of the cupboard. But you know, cheap bottles of wine don’t make me look cool, or make the buffet pretty, so they stay in the cupboard ;)

drink station


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    i love the little touches of color- it’s like a nod to spring without being SPRING IN YOUR FACE. but right now i would take spring in my face over the -1 windchill in my face.


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