Dress Up Your Child’s Art and Decorate With It

My daughter’s room, which has been in process for almost a year, is finally moving along.  The biggest to-do for this room has been to get some art on all of the bare walls.  We started with the gallery wall and a chalk board wall.  Then, aside from the recent little update of the gallery wall, I’ve sort of been on a ballerina room hiatus until last week, and in my rediscovered productivity, I made three pieces of “art” for the wall above her pink armoire, or Big Pink as she has nicknamed it. 
The first one I’m sharing with you is this large piece that my daughter actually created mostly herself.  I have loved this quote since I came across it on Pinterest.  In fact, I still drool over the original, but I wasn’t really willing to fork over the price, so I decided to customize one of our own.  

Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures of the process, they have disappeared somewhere, but it’s really simple.  I bought a very large canvas on sale at Michael’s and craft paints that coordinated with her bedroom colors.  Then I drew a cloud shape on a piece of contact paper, cut it out, and stuck it on the blank canvas to keep a blank slate for me to “write” on after the little artist was finished.  Next, she went to town:
For the quote, I used freezer paper to stencil.  And let’s talk about freezer paper and canvas for a minute.  I love the freezer paper stencil method for lots of things, but for canvas NOT SO MUCH. {If you’re unfamiliar with freezer paper stenciling, you can see what I mean here.} First, canvas doesn’t have a hard backing, so it’s a little hard to iron down well, especially where that stupid piece of wood goes across the back, middle to stabilize the frame.  Second, most of the artist canvases you buy at the craft store are treated, so they already have a somewhat slick finish.  Again, not so great for trying to iron down the freezer paper.  So…were I to do this project again, I would have used contact paper or vinyl, which is basically like a giant sticker.  It’s sticky but removable so it seals down to the canvas tight enough that your letters don’t bleed.  I’ll keep it real here and tell you that my letters did bleed.  A lot.  And I initially thought I was going to have to come up with a fix.  However, since this project was children’s art, and I wanted it sort of shabby and whimsical, I actually ended up loving it.  And I did sit and scratch very lightly with a razor blade around some of the letters to fix some of the “bloodier” ones.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the letters are stenciled on with gold craft paint.  They ended up shimmery and antiquey and I totally heart it.   You can see we also covered the entire thing in clear glitter to make it just a little more fun and fabulous.

These don’t just have to be used in their room either.  Something like this would make an awesome and inexpensive piece of large scale art for a living or dining room.  I’ll be back later this week with a how to on the baby shoe display and the wood piece, which I promise you, is not staying a big blank piece of wood.

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    This is the CUTEST idea EVER! I adore it. Seriously love it. I am SO doing this with my kiddo someday! You found a way to make something so special and meaningful and pretty all at the same time! PERFECTION! :)
    You inspire me!

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