Crafting With Kids: Embroidery Hoop Art

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Since I spend a lot of time doing projects, I try to include my three year old as much as possible, and I don’t know if it’s something that runs in our blood or if she’s learned it from watching me, but the child loves to create. One of her current favorites is painting and glittering anything in sight, and I love displaying her art around the house because it’s such a fun, personal touch. So when Plaid Crafts sent us a box full of bright, springy-colored Apple Barrel paint & Mod Podge Washout, we were excited to get started on a new masterpiece.  

I picked up three embroidery hoops in various sizes at my local craftstore for around $3 and used some canvas fabric I had left from a wreath project (you can usually find small quantities of it in the remnant bin at the fabric store).  Instead of just the paint brushes that we usually use, we also used some foam spouncers to add some polka dot variety, which were a big hit!

Apple Barrel paints are great on almost any surface, so I had no trouble using them on fabric.  I stretched the canvas over the embroidery hoop and secured it with hot glue in few places, since the word “gently” isn’t exactly in my daughter’s vocabulary and I didn’t want it to pull loose as she was painting.

 Then I let my little one (who has also recently developed a love of the “side pony”) get to work.  Since these paints wash off with soap and water while they’re wet, I don’t have to worry as much about the mess it makes.

I’ve gotten pretty good about calming my need to step in and take over direct things so they come out the way that I want them to–let’s be real, we all do it–and it helps that Apple Barrel paints come in about a million colors, so I can choose colors that go with the room where the art will be hanging, and it fits right in.

To add a glittery touch, we cut a heart shape out of some cardstock and dabbed on some Mod Podge Wash Out.  Given my daughter’s recently developed love of glitter (what can I say, she’s my child?) I LOVE that Mod Podge has created this version that’s just like the original, but washes out with just soap and water (or the washing machine) so that I don’t have to worry so much about glue getting EVERYWHERE.  It also makes it easy to wash it out of my brushes so I don’t have to buy new ones every time I use it–money-saving bonus!
We poured the glitter on, shook off the excess and we were done. 

Before hanging, I just turned the outer ring of the hoop around to hide the spots where she had painted on it.

I think I’ll actually be using these again for her art-themed birthday party this summer since they’re simple and  so inexpensive!

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