Country Living Confirms…

…that preserving your sand from your summer vacation is a great souvenir (I have to spell check that word every time).  I was so excited when I saw this in my new Country Living:

because the idea was oddly reminiscent of this one I recently posted over at I {Heart} Naptime!  If you could read the bottom of their picture, you’d also see that they paid upwards of $36 for one of those bottles!!  At Restoration Hardware, where else?  They need to learn the value of a thrift store bottle!

I’m definitely not saying CL copied me, just that they made me feel good.  Thanks Country Living for the validation and showing me that I also need a bottle of just shells (way cute).  If you missed mine, head over and check it out at I {Heart} Naptime.


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    I love this idea! I do this with rocks, shells, sometimes even sticks (if I find cool ones). On my kitchen windowsill I have a jar filled with shells that I collected at the beach by our house in Florida (where we used to live.) It makes me feel a little more at home here in Minnesota. I collect stuff from trips we take too. It’s kind of fun to have a bit of nature from places we’ve been.

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    Hi..just found your site and I like what I see. I was trying to follow using the RSS so I could get an email when new posts were made, but seem to be unable to do so. any suggestions??

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