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I’m so excited to be joining Country and Ashley from Cherished Bliss for a week full of some seriously stunning Christmas homes! If you missed yesterday’s homes, you can head over to Cherished Bliss and start from the very beginning (and you’re going to want to head over, I promise!). I’m the first stop on the tour today, and the oh-so-talented Lucy from Craftberry Bush was the last stop yesterday and she never ceases to wow me! If you’re coming over from her place, WELCOME! I’m so glad to have you here.

Country Living Christmas Home Tour MyFabulessLife.comSo, here’s a little confession for you: I started decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween. Yup, November 1st. I literally live for Christmastime. Not the presents, the commercialism that seems to sneak in, but that magical Christmas feeling in my home. It’s one of the times of the year when I feel closest to my mom again, and I have the BEST childhood memories of Christmas just being this magical season that seemed to go on forever–cookies, lights, family parties, warm winter nights by the fire with family–it’s basically a Hallmark Channel movie in my head. So, yes, I’m a VERY early decorator, but for me, I just want to drag out that Christmas magic as long as I can and hopefully pass on some of those same special memories to my daughter.

square main graphic1000

All of that being said, we’re also a simple, casual bunch around here, so most of our decorations are touches here and there (ok, maybe a little more than touches) that are easy to put up, take down, and especially live with. But enough with the chatting, come in and I’ll show you around our Christmas home.

Christmas Entry Way Printers Tray MyFabulessLife

Easy Advent Calendar

I love decorating with things that have special meaning and sort of tell the story of our family, and this map is one of my VERY favorite things in our house. It’s a map of the cross country ski trails here in Utah that came from my Grandpa’s days in the Forest Service. It actually sits out on our entry table all year, but it’s especially perfect in the winter.

Vintage Map Christmas

In the living room, you’ll notice our little visitor, or more accurately: permanent fixture wherever I am in the house. I swear she lives to crush pillows. I must have fluffed these things about 10,001 times and then I finally just gave up. Every good photo I got of my living room had her in it, so here’s a little dose of the real day-to-day around here. Just Winslow, chillin’ and crushin’ some pillows and me following behind and re-fluffing ;)

Country Living Christmas Home Tour Living Room

I say it every year, but this year’s tree is definitely my favorite ever. I wanted a rustic, collected feel, which all started with my little pom pom garland (you can find the tutorial here) and a pastel palette instead of traditional Christmas colors. Everything is a mix of handmade and inexpensive store-bought ornaments (like the icicles that are from the dollar store) with some of my mom and Grandma’s stuff mixed in. The more “traditional” tree is downstairs, and I’ll be sharing that one tomorrow.

Handmade Christmas: DIY Fluffy Pom Pom Garland.

Both of my trees this year have embroidery hoop ornaments because they’re easy, inexpensive, and I love the way they look!

Country Living Christmas Home Tour 2

Christmas Living Room

Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Coffee Table MyFabulessLife

Christmas Shelves MyFabulessLife

In case you haven’t noticed yet, shiny ornaments are my fav. They are everywhere.

Easy Christmas Decorations

Vintage Christmas Books

Christmas Living Room2

A little bit of green and a hot chocolate station in the kitchen and she’s all ready for the holidays. Also, the hot chocolate station won me major mom points. I keep catching my daughter telling people that her mom made her a hot chocolate bar. #LittleThings, right?

Christmas Kitchen MyFabulessLife.comHot Chocolate Bar MyFabulessLife

Hot Chocolate Station Christmas Home Tour

This is one of my favorite little vignettes. Are you figuring out my pattern? Ornaments + jars/baskets = easy & adorable Christmas decor.

Kitchen Christmas Decorations

Christmas Dining Room

Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas Dining Room 2

Simple Christmas Mantel

White Nativity

Christmas Buffet

And that my friends, is part one of our decked halls. Next up is Shayna at The Woodgrain Cottage. I absolutely ADORE her style and can’t wait to see her beautiful home.


You can see Part 2 of my Christmas home tour HERE. Or the “Behind the Tour” (see: the messy real life) HERE.

Christmas Home Tour MyFabulessLife
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  1. says

    Love your home, friend… and all the ‘fabulous’ touches you add to your holiday decor — like pom pom garland, bits of glam, and more! Happy Holidays to you and your adorable family. Love you!!

  2. says

    Hey Jenn! We have the same plaid pillows on our sofas! I was stunned when I opened the box and saw how large they are, but so cozy! I love all your little vignettes. Your fur kid looks very comfortable on the sofa snoozing. So happy to be on this tour with you. Merry Christmas.

    • says

      They are huge, but they’re actually the only pillows in the house that don’t drive the husband crazy either because they’re so comfy (the rest are just in the way ;) ). Thank you!! Same to you!

  3. says

    Really lovely home! You have so many great details in your decorating like the basket of shiny ornaments and printers box filled with Christmas. Those little things are always what catch my eye and inspire me. It has to be a little less stressful for you to do a Christmas home tour starting November 1. While all the rest of us are hurrying to get done the days before the tour start, you get to sit and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with your feet up ;)

  4. says

    I always look forward to your home tours, they are a big source of inspiration for me! I love the little advent calendar you made in the entry. So adorable & I might need to make one for my house. :)

  5. says

    I loooooove all the pastels and pinks! I actually said out loud, “Oh yay!” when I saw all the pinks and pastel ornaments! haha! :) It is such a refreshing take on Christmas decor and you photography is beauuuutiful!

  6. says

    I am in LOVE with your entire nativity set up!! All the circle art, your wall color, and that gorgeous nativity!! I want to pick it up and move it to my house lol. :D Happy Christmas!

  7. says

    Oh, Jenn!! I absolutely love you tour!! So many adorable vintage touches and such a sense of welcome and coziness pervades your entire home. Gorgeous!!

  8. Arlene says

    Beautiful…..however…..there must a way to hide huge televisions that appear to be the focal point of the room especially in such a cozy setting!

  9. Tara B says

    This is just gorgeous. Never apologize for your dog sneaking into your photos! I promise, your pup just made the living room perfect.

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