Color Me Completely Embarrassed…

…and bummed out.  If you’ve been following the Creative Bloggers Got Talent contest over at Every Creative Endeavor, you may have noticed that the #15 project “dropped out.”  Well, that would be me.  Apparently my submission, which I actually thought I had sent with hours to spare (so uncharacteristic of the procrastinator in me), has been sitting in my “Drafts” box all weekend and I failed to notice.  Amanda over at ECE even tried to notify me and I missed her e-mail by a day.  Huge bummer.  So since I’m no longer in the running, you get my project early.  And there are some awesome projects over there, so please go vote!
My daughter calls this her “big pink.”  I needed a solution for keeping books in her room, but out of her reach because I was getting really tired of picking up the books she had pulled off of her open shelves.  I found this at the thrift store for $40.00ish (can’t remember for sure) and it was the perfect solution–especially since the pulls are still out of her reach.  
This is where we started…

…and I have to admit, I painted this during my spray painting “phase”–meaning, I tried the spray painting thing for a while and just never liked the outcome as much as actually painting–is that like a sacrilege in the blog world?  Don’t get me wrong, I still love spray paint for small things like frames and hardware (which I sprayed white on this piece),  just not furniture  And I do love the way this turned out. The color is Watermelon from Krylon.  

I can’t go without pointing out one of my other favorite things in her room: The Eloise Print.  When I found out I was having a girl, I had to have Eloise in her room.  And after searching high and low for Elosie prints to no avail, my talented step-mom offered to paint one for me.  It’s from the “afterword” of The 50th Anniversary The Absolutely Essential Eloise.  I chose this particular picture because she’s in a dress designed for her by Christian Dior–it doesn’t get more fabulous than that!  And my step-mom did an AMAZING job on it (my daughter may not be taking out of my house).
So that’s Big Pink.  And again, please remember to go vote for the talented ladies still in the contest at Every Creative Endeavor and let me express again my sincere apologies and embarrassment.
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    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you didn’t get this project in because it’s GORGEOUS!! I bet you would’ve taken first place with this amazing transformation. Thank you so much for linking up this week and I’m featuring you FIRST tomorrow in my best of the blogosphere!! This completely caught my eye and I quickly FELL IN LOVE. Great work :)

  2. says

    This is so BEAUTIFUL! What a lucky little girl to have such a cool piece in her room. And what a creative solution to tuck books neatly away. I kind of want this in my “big girl” room. You picked the perfect shade of pink: girly, yet still sophisticated.

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    First I have to say that I LOVE the transformation! That is one of my favorite colors and I love how you styled it! Next I have to say OMG I feel so bad for you!! I am in American Crafter going on right now, and I know how much work I put into my projects and how I can’t wait to see if I’ll make it to the next round and I would be DEVASTATED to say the least if that happened to me!!! Came by from your How to Nest for Less feature! Great job :-)

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    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your project submission mishap :( Nevertheless, your dresser is gorgeous and is getting noticed by everyone anyway! I’m visiting after it was featured on BOTB on Centsational Girl. I have a can of Watermelon in my spray paint collection and would never think it could make a dresser such a beauty.

    Claire @

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    Oh, wow! LOVE you “big pink.”

    Turned out so fabulous (less : )).

    Visiting from the Networking Blog Hop and loving what I’m seeing.

    I’m a new follower (via facebook) and would love for you to stop by for a visit! : )

    ~Abbie (

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    such a bummer for you! Your project is amazing! I can hardly believe how it started out! Love the pink!

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    Ohhh now this is such an amazing project! :( I absolutely love this color too. I would be afraid to have it on such a large piece but it looks fabulous.

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