Christmas House Tour

Better late than never is how the Christmas posting has turned out around here this year.  I’ll be back with the last part of the $20 tree on Sunday (stuff to file away for next year I guess), but I wanted to share a little bit more of Christmas around my house before it’s all over.  I swear it went faster than ever this year!!
An eclectic and colorful little “Joy to the World” themed vignette in my hallway.  The two trees on the left were purchased this year from Hobby Lobby, the middle one is just a yarn-wrapped Styrofoam tree I made a couple of years ago, and I’ve had the disco ball tree for about five years, purchased at a local home decor store (for the record, everyone thought it was FUGLY when I bought it–who’s laughing now?!!).
The chalk board was done freehand, inspired by a picture found here.
This is one of my very favorite things I put up this year.  I took some of those sticks and branches I love to collect from my grandma’s yard, tied them to my blinds and made a big, long garland.  Then I just cut out the “FA LA LA LA LA” on my Cricut and strung it on some jewelry wire.

I made the “Merry Christmas” signs last year using some stained 1×4’s and a paint marker.  You can see a little peek of how they were dressed up last year here.  (I know I need curtains, they’re on my list for this year, but finding or making 12 ft. curtains is EXPENSIVE!!)

And now, my very favorite part of my Christmas.  This little gallery wall.  This was one of the first things to go up, and it sort of came about from me just setting a bunch of my bottle brush trees aside while I decided where to put them.  Then, they just ended up working right were they were.  The big wood “picture ledge” is actually a piece from the underside of the top of a dresser (that probably makes no sense–I’ll explain another time).  I reused some of my embroidery hoops from Halloween, and added some crocheted snowflakes I found in my mom’s old Christmas stuff.  And yes, I’m like that rockstar that wears my own t-shirt: My prints are EVERYWHERE, but it’s honestly because I have so freaking many of them floating around, so why not put them to use, right?

A closer look at the “Joy To The World” table.
I bought this little paper mache deer at JoAnn’s, painted it pink and glittered the antlers.  And…another of the Santa silhouette prints (available in the shop).  There’s a lot of pink this year and I’m loving it.
My nativity scene in my kitchen.  You can find all of the details on that one here.
And my entryway that I shared here.
We’ve got our big Christmas party this weekend, so I’ll have a few more little Christmas touches to share before Christmas is over.
Have a great weekend!


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    Oh my. So, I adore your Christmas decor… like really love. You have such a fun way of decorating. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Amy @ Delineate Your Dwelling

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