Free Printable Classroom Valentines

You're a Gem | Free Printable Classroom Valentines

What? It’s two days before your kid’s Valentine’s Day party at school and I’m just now sharing these Printable Classroom Valentines? Yep. Because that’s how I roll. Admittedly, I’m not a big V-Day person AND “Last Minute” is basically my middle name. Try as I may to get my act together, I’m just a sneak-it-in-at-the…

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Free Printable Valentine Cards | Inspiration² Link Party

12 Free Printable Classroom Valentines |

So, anyone else braved the Valentine aisle in the last few days to grab Valentine cards for your kids’ classes?! I ran in there, grabbed some bubbles and made my way back out. Then I walked by at Target today–Mad. House. If you haven’t made it over there yet and are putting off the dreaded trip…

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Pretty Little Conversation Hearts


Just dropping in with another little simple something to add to your Valentine’s decor.  I have to admit that these sayings were not exactly what I wanted, but it would seem that a vowel thief sneaked off with the “E” from my stamps, which makes it extremely difficult to spell words like “Be Mine” or “Valentine”…

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No Sew Drop Cloth Ruffle Wreath


Since I decided to call it quits on recovering my couch, I’ve got drop cloth canvas to last me a lifetime, so I made this wreath at Christmas to hold Christmas cards, but never got around to posting it.  It’s amazingly simple, requires only three “ingredients” and will take you about an episode of Downton…

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An All-Season Wreath


Some of you may remember me mentioning this wreath project here recently and how much I was dreading doing it.  Well I finally sucked it up and got going on it and while I’m not going to tell you that it wasn’t tedious and time consuming, it wasn’t actually as bad as I thought.  And…

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