Easy, Budget Kitchen and Dining Room Updates

Easy, Budget-Friendly Kitchen and Dining Room Updates Anyone Can Do | MyFabulessLife.com

Today I thought we’d take a little trip back in time. Every once in a while (or maybe like at least once a week), I’ll be perusing Instagram or Pinterest and get a little bit discouraged about the state of my house. I start falling into that trap of internet inadequacy and comparing my stuff…

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Free Printable 2016 Calendar and Menu Planner (while I randomly ramble about life)

Free Printable 2016 Calendar + Printable Menu Planner | MyFabulessLife.com

So, I’ve been working on a few different posts, at least one of which I had intended to go up Monday, but, I’m a master procrastinator and really, I just haven’t been able to finish the writing (not that they’re anything groundbreaking) because I just am not feeling all that productive and inspired this week–the…

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This is Real Life | Inspiration² Link Party


Not really sure what to title this post. That sounded really serious, it’s not. You may (or may not–I’m not offended) have noticed that things have been pretty quiet around here lately except for the weekly link party post. And just because it wouldn’t be a normal post around here without me saying it: it’s been…

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