You know, it’s funny, I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July.  The red, white, and blue, BBQ’s, pool parties, and most of all, what it means and celebrating the love of this great country of ours.  But…I don’t do much decorating for it, probably because it falls right in the middle of summer when, as…

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Nothing says dad like plaid {and a mustache}, and given my current obsession with plaid, it only seemed natural that’s the direction I went.  There are two different plaids, and since the mother’s day prints were such a hit, I threw in a simple black and white too. {These will print up to 11×14 and…

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Mother’s Day Printables: Round 2


So these are actually like round 2.5, but if you like a little more color, I’ve created a few, more colorful, last minute alternatives the original black and white versions.  {Just click on the link at the end of the post} DOWNLOAD MOTHER’S DAY PRINTABLES  You can find the original black and white versions here

Free Mother’s Day Printables


I’m having a serious love affair with modern, clean & simple, black & white lately, so these free mother’s day printables are right up that alley.  They’re perfect for cards to accompany a handmade gift, or framed as the gift.   The first was by request on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago (thanks for the…

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Today I Am Grateful {Printable}


This week one of my sorority sisters very unexpectedly lost her 18 month old baby girl.  It would be impossible to put into words what I’ve felt this week for her. Never have I felt so deeply for someone suffering a loss.  As she and the picture of her sweet baby have been constantly on…

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Free Spring Printable


*Sooo…this is me blushing.  It was brought to my attention that the original printable had a typo (can you find it?).  The download has now been fixed, but please excuse the picture below where it has not been changed  * As you may have noticed, I’m totally digging on vintage florals and woodland creatures for…

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Spring In The Etsy Shop


I desperately need some Spring in my life.  So this weekend as I laid sick on the couch, watching yet another snow storm, I put together some new Spring printables that, I have to admit, I’m pretty in love with.  They’re all available in my Etsy shop for $5.00 each and print up to 16 x…

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49ers Superbowl Printables


I promise I’ve got projects in the works, but we get a really bad inversion here in Utah that settles into the valley in the winters sometimes and makes sunlight virtually non-existent, so it’s been difficult to do any picture-taking lately, or even find motivation for that matter.  I love Utah, but if you’ve ever…

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