Free Fall Printable

Free Fall Printable |

Tis the season of Fall Home Tours. I’m not doing a big, “official” home tour this year, but tomorrow I’m joining Ella Claire and a group of other talented bloggers for a Fall Vignette and Printable hop and I’m excited to show you what I’ve come up with. But before the pretty stuff tomorrow, today I’ve got a…

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Two Week Menu Plan, My Favorite Menu Tips & Free Printable Menu Planner

Two Week Menu Plan and Free Printable Menu Planner |

Today, a little departure from decorating and DIY. Funnily enough, when I started My Fabuless Life, menu-planning was going to be one of the first things I posted about. I’ve been doing a two week menu plan for basically ever. So, I don’t really know what happened, but DIY and decorating sort of took over,…

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Pin The Tail On The Bunny Free Printable

Free Printable Pin the Tail on the Bunny | Kids Easter Activities |

I think the theme of this week is “keep the kids entertained.” More specifically, keep the kids entertained at Easter dinner. At least that’s what comes to my mind. I mean, kids are the sunshine in our lives, right? But being able to hang with the adults and have them quiet and entertained, okay, maybe forget…

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Free Printable Easter Placemat For Kids

Free Printable Easter Placemats for Kids | Vintage bunny that the kids can decorate with fun embellishments.

I love Easter. Like on a ridiculous level. In fact, it would have to be a very close second to Christmas. And considering that Christmas means winter and I’m so over the cold, Easter may just currently be in first place. I mean really, a holiday centered around Spring, baby animals, and beautiful soft colors…what’s not to…

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An Exciting Addition to The Shop

Printable Custom Bridal Shower Invitations on Etsy |

I’ve been working like crazy on trying to get Part II of my Small Kitchen post up, but it’s somehow turning into The Odyssey, and is taking forever, and I’m starting to question whether it’s really even useful (overthinking is my forte by the way)…. But, there’s something else I’ve been working furiously on over the weekend that I’m…

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Free Printable Classroom Valentines

You're a Gem | Free Printable Classroom Valentines

What? It’s two days before your kid’s Valentine’s Day party at school and I’m just now sharing these Printable Classroom Valentines? Yep. Because that’s how I roll. Admittedly, I’m not a big V-Day person AND “Last Minute” is basically my middle name. Try as I may to get my act together, I’m just a sneak-it-in-at-the…

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Free Printable 2016 Calendar and Menu Planner (while I randomly ramble about life)

Free Printable 2016 Calendar + Printable Menu Planner |

So, I’ve been working on a few different posts, at least one of which I had intended to go up Monday, but, I’m a master procrastinator and really, I just haven’t been able to finish the writing (not that they’re anything groundbreaking) because I just am not feeling all that productive and inspired this week–the…

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