How To Make a Simple Thanksgiving Bunting


I’ve always loved Thanksgiving, but I think the older I get, the more I really love it.  Probably because it’s a whole month dedicated to being with family and reflecting on what we’re thankful for–like Christmas, without the distraction of gifts.  Let me clarify, I still LIVE for Christmas, but I’ve been really excited this year to move…

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Halloween Decor


I think my fall decor has got me on a minimal color/simplicty in holiday decor kick.  For Halloween this year, it’s the traditional black and orange with some white to lighten things up. Spider rings in my all season wreath and some pom poms draped around it (which I happened upon on clearance at Walmart…

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DIY Haunted Houses


These houses are some of my favorite Halloween decorations that I own. Wood or paper mache “Christmas” houses from the craft store don’t have to be painted.  Get out the scrapbook paper and Mod Podge and make them fabulously spooky.  Seriously, what witch wouldn’t want to live in a house covered Halloween damask and glitter?   I made…

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