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A new twist on classic comfort foods. Yum!! | My Fabuless Life

Man, another week! I know it’s been pretty quiet around here. You know those days when you feel like you’re just getting on your game and then something else lands on your plate? That’s been life around here lately. Just as a little example (that I can laugh at now), this is what I wrote…

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Quick & Easy Homemade Pizza. Delicious, crispy crust pizza using store-bought crust. |

It’s been a productive couple of weeks at my house (finally) and I’ll be getting back to the goold old DIY stuff later this week, but today I thought I’d share one of my main go-to meals. As a matter of fact, I probably cook this waaay too often, because it’s quick, can be customized…

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WAY better than traditional chicken nuggets. Baked Honey Oat Chicken Fingers |

I know recipes aren’t something I share a lot around here, but I do actually cook–sometimes. I’m pretty blessed with a husband who thinks that cooking is relaxing so I’m off the hook quite a bit, but when I do cook, I’ve got skillz–just sayin’. Anyway, today I’m sharing one of our FAVORITE chicken recipes that’s…

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Favorite Pinterest Recipes: Round 2

I should be back early in the week with some sort of project–haven’t decided which one yet, but it’s been quite a busy weekend, so I’ll have something to share.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few more of our favorite Pinterest recipes that we’ve actually tried and loved. A Carbonara recipe from Eric…

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Favorite Pinterest Recipes

Pinterest has, without a doubt, become my go-to source for new recipes.  I love that I can search “chicken” and find 300 different ways to cook chicken.  But you may have also noticed that like 275 of those chicken recipes claim to be “the best chicken you’ll ever eat”  or “tastes just like (insert restaurant…

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A Quick, Oh So Tasty Appetizer


This “relish” we’ll call it, looks really basic and simple and it is, but it is hands-down one of my favorite things.  I threw it together a couple of years ago with some couscous for a cold salad and it’s become a staple at our house for everything from topping off tacos and enchiladas, to…

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