DIY Painted Cutting Boards

A $2.99 cutting board from Ikea gets an awesome facelift with a little paint! Perfect for gifts or serving at a party! | via My Fabuless Life

I’ve been seeing these awesome color-blocked painted cutting boards all over the place and have wanted a few for my kitchen for a while, if I’m honest, more for the purposes of looking cute on the counter than being useful, but the best things are those that are functional AND fashionable, right? So, I’ve seen…

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A Little Shelf Styling

Ikea Ivar shelf styling |

It’s a space you’ve seen once or a thousand times around here, and it’s actually one that I loved and had no intentions of changing, but my ridiculously high power bill sort of forced me into some furniture rearranging, and let’s be honest, I’m almost never opposed to a good game of musical furniture around…

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Simple Easter Table

Love this simple Easter Tablescape! |

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Can I tell you a secret? Well, I’ve sort of told you before if you’ve been here for a while, but I’ll tell you again. St. Patrick’s Day comes in dead last on my “Rank The Holidays from Favorite to Least Favorite List.” There, I said it. So today, to celebrate…

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How To Cut a Photo Mat

diy picture mats

It’s a Tuesday two-fer today! First, I’m over at Eighteen25 showing you how to make these super rad (if I do say so myself) Geometric Photo Mats. This project cost me like three bucks and I love how it turned out. So head over and check it out! And #2: I’m over at Wayfair talking about one…

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