How To Make A Yarn {or Twine} Ball


I LOVE yarn balls.  The texture, the colors, the vintage charm it seems to add.  On garlands, in vases, in jars, everywhere.  I. LOVE. YARN. BALLS.  But, a lot of the ones I’ve seen are made around styrofoam balls, which can be really expensive! So, I figured out how to do it sans styrofoam. I…

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Halloween Decor


I think my fall decor has got me on a minimal color/simplicty in holiday decor kick.  For Halloween this year, it’s the traditional black and orange with some white to lighten things up. Spider rings in my all season wreath and some pom poms draped around it (which I happened upon on clearance at Walmart…

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DIY Haunted Houses


These houses are some of my favorite Halloween decorations that I own. Wood or paper mache “Christmas” houses from the craft store don’t have to be painted.  Get out the scrapbook paper and Mod Podge and make them fabulously spooky.  Seriously, what witch wouldn’t want to live in a house covered Halloween damask and glitter?   I made…

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Fresh Flowers from the Garden For the Non-Gardner {like me}


I have a black thumb.  I’ve tried countless varieties of flowers and growing methods in the years since we moved into our house and to no avail.  EVERYTHING. DIES.  I have dreams of having big rose bushes that will provide fragrant, fresh-cut floral arrangements all summer long, but for now, the one “traditional” rose bush I do have produces…

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The Beginnings of a Ballerina Room


The $20 project finish frenzy continues.  This one cost me NOTHING because I already had everything just lying around waiting to actually be painted and put together.  I’m not a big “theme” person, at least not, in your face theme, so when my daughter said that she wanted a “ballerina room” I didn’t want it to…

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Huge DIY Bulletin Board


Let me start by saying that I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the process of this project.  When my husband is on board with something, he gets in there and gets down to business–which is awesome because things actually get done–another reason husbands are awesome.  But, when things get done quickly, there’s not much opportunity to…

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A Simple, Sentimental Piece


When it comes to “art” in my home, I don’t really use things that don’t have some sort of sentimental value.  I love to be able to be anywhere in the house and look at things that mean something to me and have memories attached. To me, that’s what makes it home.  So, aside from…

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Halloween Decorating


So, usually the only holiday I really go all out on decorating for is Christmas, but this year, for some reason, the Halloween decorating bug bit me good, so Halloween decorating is in full swing at my house.  I’ve saved  empty wine and liquor bottles over the years and put Halloween labels on them for…

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