The Dining Room Shelf These Days

Open shelves in the dining room. Vintage & sentimental pieces mixed with things you use every day. |

So, nothing big today, but along with the changes in the living room lately, I’ve been sort of milling around the house tweaking things here and there, adding stuff, taking stuff away. Seriously…the junk I’ve cleared out of my house in the last two months has been AMAZINGLY LIBERATING (and a little pathetic–I have like…

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I know I’ve already said it a million times, but man I LOVE fall!! When life finally calms down after the rat race of summer, the weather turns cool, the scarves,boots and lattes are a daily necessity, and everything is really just right with the world. I’m thrilled today to be teaming up with 20…

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Easy DIY Open Shelving |

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until the day die: when people know you have no shame in accepting free stuff and you like the old, weird and ugly-with-potential, great things come your way!! My house is builders-grade, boob light HEAVEN, or shall I say HELL, so I’ve been looking for something to…

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