Budget Fall Decor

Can you believe that Fall OFFICIALLY starts this week? Woohoo!!!! My boots and scarves are ready to go and I’m doing happy dances and cartwheels. I wish that was an exaggeration, but I really, really, really, love this time of year. Okay, the cartwheels are an exaggeration, I tried one the other day. It was NOT pretty, but I’m doing them in my head. Anyway, did I mention that Fall is my favorite maybe once or a thousand times already?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my Fall porch with you (the first time the porch has gotten a whole post to herself around here), but today I wanted to share a few of my favorite Budget Fall Decor finds from Amazon. Yep, Amazon. It’s one of my favorite little decor secrets because they have a lot of the same things (and more) as the boutique “deal” sites and home decor sites, but for waaaayyy cheaper. In fact, when I come across some home decor item on Instagram that I just can’t live without, I immediately head to search Amazon to see if I can find it for cheaper–and a lot of times, it’s a success.

One of my favorite tips for seasonal decor on a budget (or not on a budget, because it’s just good sense) is to purchase things that can carry you all the way through the season, or even a couple of seasons. It’s not really in my budget to purchase things that I can only keep out for a month, just to spend a small fortune changing them out again, so I like to focus on that sort of “cooler weather feeling,” we’ll call it, with warmer, chunkier textures, deeper, richer colors, and things that are functional, like cozy throws, and of course, pillows. Always pillows. Plaid, cable knit, and velvet are some of my favorite textures for the season. You can see my similar green velvet pillows making appearances all over my house–they’re my favorite. All of these colors, patterns and textures are perfect for fall, but are also neutral enough to easily transition through winter and Christmas. Dishes are another favorite “decor” item for me because at my house, a lot of them stay out on our buffet, so when they’re also nice to look at, they do great double-duty as seasonal decor. Also, I just love this market sign that sort of softly whispers “Harvest Season.”


 Affiliate Links

1. Buffalo Check Pillow Cover | 2. Striped PillowCover | 3. Green Velvet Pillow Covers |
4. Grey Chenille Throw | 5.  Harvest For Sale Sign | 6. Cotton Wreath | 7. Soup Tureen

And speaking of useful decor, how about hooks for scarves and coats, or just decorative things like a wreath that changes out for the seasons? If you’re like me and basically spend 365 days a year wrapped in a blanket, a ladder is an awesome, decorative way to store all of those cold weather blankets and throws. And thanks to JoAnna Gaines, who hasn’t become obsessed with these old sugar cane molds? I can think of so many different ways to use this: candles, sprigs of fall greenery, leaves, or wheat–it makes an awesome centerpiece you can change out each season (Christmas ornaments in those holes anyone? It would also be perfect for Advent). Copper is one of my favorite colors for fall and you know baskets are my weakness. I rotate mine around all the time for decor (white pumpkins in this one would look amazing) or for functional things like books and toys.


Affiliate Links

8. Sugar Cane Mold | 9. Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Coat Hooks | 10. Copper Storage Basket | 11. Pumpkin Soup Bowls
2. Reclaimed Barnwood Rustic Ladder | 13. Natural Door Mat | 14. Rustic French Flower Bucket


  1. Karen says

    Laughing at the cartwheels because it would be the same here! I hear you about the boots and scarves (am sort of addicted to both) and I enjoy fall, just try not to think of what comes next! Very tempted to shop for the cotton wreath; enjoyed the post.

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