I have a project that’s been floating around in my head for roughly 2 weeks now and I’m sitting here on the couch thinking I should get to work.  And it’s actually a project that’s really conducive to sitting on the couch and watching House Hunters endlessly (which I do really well).  But….it involves a…

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Back to Balance in Twenty12

Source: via Jennifer (My Fabuless Life) on Pinterest Oh yes, it’s that time of year: Oh So Cliche Resolution Time! (I know I’m a week late.  Whatev.)  I’ve become more of a fan of the whole resolution thing over the past few years.  It’s probably only a recent development because, in 6th grade I had a teacher who was…

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3 Last Minute Gifts


It’s officially Christmas stress full freak out time!  Time to buy all of those final last minute items, or if you’re like me, make all of those last minute items and finally make a decision about what to get those hard-to-buy-for folks in your life–I know everybody has at least one! So here are a few of…

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Brown Paper Packages-The Results


My wrapping is finally almost done.  Remember when I said that I love the versatility of brown paper? This is why.  And all of the trimmings were things I already had on hand and can be reused after the presents are unwrapped: yarn, fabric remnants (torn into strips), lace (which comes on a roll like tulle for about $5.00…

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Aged Book Page Bunting


My Santa table in my entry way (my house basically gets decorated in themed groupings at Christmas, anyone else do this?) needed some sort of reindeer garland in the mix.  And it just so happened that a while back on Pinterest, I had come across this little lovely full of amazing things, among which, was a tutorial…

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Where are you?  I don’t know if I even remember what you look like?  Apparently you and I have parted ways recently because I had about a million things to do this weekend.  Literally.  A million. And do you know how many I did?  Laundry.  That’s it. That’s one thing if you can’t count–okay, like 13…

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Minty Goodness


The to-do list is on hold temporarily because I’ve been working on this big to-do:  and I have to say this is probably hands-down one of my favorite pieces I’ve done (do I say that about everything?)  It’s for sale over at THE SHOP, so head over if you’re interested or want more pictures. Let…

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