DIY Wood Bead Garland

DIY Wood Bead Garland |

It’s been a while since we had a 5 Minute Project around here, so today I thought I’d show you this quick little DIY Wood Bead Garland that I made. Have you seen these everywhere? They’re sort of that little “cherry on top” accessory that just makes you stop and go, “oooooo!” Also known in my…

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Easy Halloween Decorating

Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

I’ve made a new commitment to myself that all holidays that are not Christmas get only ONE box of decorations. It’s partly due to my “paring down” thing I’ve been doing, and partly, mostly, if I’m being honest, because I have so much Christmas stuff that the storage room is running out of room. #priorities So this…

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Budget Fall Decor

Budget Conscious Fall Decor From Amazon |

Can you believe that Fall OFFICIALLY starts this week? Woohoo!!!! My boots and scarves are ready to go and I’m doing happy dances and cartwheels. I wish that was an exaggeration, but I really, really, really, love this time of year. Okay, the cartwheels are an exaggeration, I tried one the other day. It was NOT pretty, but…

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