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If you follow on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I recently chalked the couch project up to I’m too lazy a fail and took it to the landfill, where might I add, this awesome {and a half} sign resides:

And you also know that it’s got me on a recent de-cluttering kick which started with my bathroom.  I decided to do away with a clutter catching shelf over the toilet, which then created the need for something hanging on the wall and since I couldn’t find what I wanted for free, I made it myself.

I wanted to create sort of a beachy feel without overdoing it, so I used some of my favorite beachy pictures {and one picture of my daughter at 8 weeks and fabulous that I love} and an octopus graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

On a little personal note, the picture at the top is such a treasure because it’s a picture of my mom and my grandpa (her dad) who passed away within only a few days of each other.  My mom’s dear friend found it when we were preparing for her funeral and framed it for us.  It’s literally how I picture their meeting in heaven after their passing.  Maybe it’s a little odd that something so special is in my bathroom, but that means nearly everyone who comes to my house gets the pleasure of seeing it.

{Is there anything cuter than baby hands and feet–especially covered in sand?}

I’ve created these in a few different colors for your downloading pleasure.  “Brush Your Teeth” prints are 5×7 and “Wash Your Hands” are 8×10

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    Hi Jenn,
    I have been trying to edit the octopus picture and am having a hard time changing it’s color to white. Just wondering if you could give me some good pointers or add that exact picture of yours as a printable? Thanks you so much! I love it!

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