The Ballerina Room: A Chalkboard Wall

There’s this little corner in my daughter’s room, right as you walk in the door, that I thought would be great for a little “creative” space.  So it begins with a chalkboard wall.  I LOVE homemade chalk paint!
Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe:
1 cup FLAT paint
2 Tbsp. unsanded tile grout

I LOVE it!  It works MUCH better than the chalk paint I’ve bought at the store and it’s totally cheap to make (and I LOVE it on furniture).  I use one of the foam touch up rollers to paint it on–they’re $1.15 at Lowe’s for a little kit that comes with the tray, the roller handle, and two rollers–can’t beat that!  The chalk paint can tend to be a little chunky, so the foam rollers work really well to smooth out the lumps as you paint it on.  

Don’t forget to treat the chalkboard before you write on it (I almost did), it will keep whatever you write from etching.  You do it simply by rubbing chalk across the entire surface and then erasing it:
A desk of some sort will eventually be going on the wall next to it, so I hung a bulletin board for some of the more permanent art, for the cards she gets from Grandma every week, and to break up the wall a little bit.  I also love this because as she grows, it will be the perfect spot for one of my favorite childhood pastimes: playing school.  Did you love that too? 
I’m told that the current drawing you see is a rocket ship.

I already had the paint and unsanded grout, so this project cost me $1.15 for the roller kit (and you can wash the rollers), well within my $20.00 project budget.  To purchase everything: the grout is about $6.00, and a $2.00 sample can of paint would be plenty for this. So all in, you’re at less than a $10.00 project with TONS of the grout left over for your future chalkboard endeavors.


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