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Oh yes, it’s that time of year: Oh So Cliche Resolution Time! (I know I’m a week late.  Whatev.)  I’ve become more of a fan of the whole resolution thing over the past few years.  It’s probably only a recent development because, in 6th grade I had a teacher who was a Stephen Covey  (of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People fame) super fan, and had all things 7 Habits and goal-setting drilled into me.  So, I’ve basically been rebelling against goal-setting or anything that remotely resembles my 6th grade hell experience ever since–mature, I know.  Seriously though, if you ever meet my parents, ask them how I feel about the word “proactive,” or say the word in front of me–if you’re brave enough.  Get the picture?  This is not to say that I’m not a productive person, I’m just not known to be the write-it-down and track-it type of goal-setter and okay, maybe I can be a little flaky.  Now that I’m pushing *gulp* 30, and like almost an official adult {or at least supposed to be, right?}, I figure I can probably stop rebelling now and do grown up things, like setting goals, at least for things I want to do.  And I do like the idea of goal setting and just figure that the new year is a perfect time to get down to business on all of those, “I want to _____” from the previous year.  

My goals for the coming year are all an effort to achieve more balance with my marriage, my family, my home, and my health–all of which, just for the record, are fabulous right now, but they’re all areas where I can always strive to be better.  Pretty much the old token resolutions, but much needed when I’m just starting to finally figure out this balancing act called parenting.  Are you thinking isn’t her child like 2, she’s just figuring it out?!  Yup, she is. Call me a slow learner, or normal {I think it’s normal, you people who have it all together are amazing!}.  I’m also guessing that I’ll never quite feel like it’s all “figured out,”  but we’ll just say, I’m starting to get a better grasp on it all.  I’ve never fooled myself into thinking I can “do it all,” (or at least do it all well)  but I want to get a handle on the every day stuff like housework, budget, cooking, exercise etc., so that I get more time and quality out of the things that are important to me–like spending time with my husband and daughter, and still have time for the things I enjoy too–like “projects!” (Do you say that word like Cher from Clueless?  That’s what I hear in my head.)

So stay tuned to my quest to achieve some balance in 2012!

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