An Exciting Addition to The Shop

I’ve been working like crazy on trying to get Part II of my Small Kitchen post up, but it’s somehow turning into The Odyssey, and is taking forever, and I’m starting to question whether it’s really even useful (overthinking is my forte by the way)…. But, there’s something else I’ve been working furiously on over the weekend that I’m SO excited to share with you today! A new addition to the shop. Did you know that I have a shop? Anyway, since the Storybook Baby Shower post, I’ve had a lot of requests to customize the invitations that I offered as a free printable. It also just happens that I’ve designed the invitations for a slew of family baby and wedding showers in the last few years, so I have a little stockpile of custom invitations in my files. SO, given the requests and a little love I seem to have found for creating invitations for events, I’ve added a new section to the shop for CUSTOM PRINTABLE INVITATIONS. There are only a few right now, but I’ll be adding more options over the next few weeks. Just in time for baby and wedding season! These are a few of them, and you can head over to the shop to check out the rest if you’re interested. I’m leaving it short and sweet today friends. I’m off to finish the epic story of my cupboards and drawers ;) Have a happy Monday!

Custom Bridal Shower Invitation Listing

Custom Baby Shower Invitation Lumberjack Theme

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  1. Francine McGregor says

    I love these invitations! I have already ordered for a baby shower and a wedding invitation! Thanks for having a cost effective option for custom invitations. Everywhere else I have found them they are crazy expensive!

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