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You know those things that are just plain essential when it comes to the Holidays? Those traditions that, without them, it really just wouldn’t be the same? For me, an Advent Calendar is one of those Christmas things. In fact, I may have several Advent Calendars. I remember as a kid, eagerly awaiting my daily candy fix from the calendar (and maybe sneaking an extra piece or five) as we counted down to the big day–man Christmas was magical as a kid!!! So, today I’m sharing my Advent Calendar–one of my favorite parts of the season!

DIY Advent Calendar |

I made these canvas bags for my calendar last year, but this year I wanted to brighten things up a little. I wanted a little bit of a vintage feeling and a lot of bright and festive, so the jumping off point was a bunch of happy, bright-colored embroidery floss I picked up–anyone else find themselves grabbing one color of floss and then suddenly you’re at the check stand with 40 colors in your hand? Hello, addictive!!  Anyway, to make your own you’ll need:

Quilting Hoop
Muslin Bags (tutorial for numbered bags HERE)
Pom Pom Trim
Fabric (1 yd)
Embellishments for clothespins (embroidery floss, mini bottle brush trees, etc.)

Embroidery Hoop Advent Calendar |

This is one of those projects that brought together some of my favorite past projects, so rather than give you the full rundown again, I’ll direct you to those tutorials.

Embroidery Hoop Bulletin Board
Advent Calendar Bags

To finish it off, I added some embellishments to some of the bags and clothespins. Tiny little bottle brush trees (found at Michael’s) dyed with food coloring and Rit Dye (tutorial coming), embroidery floss tassels, and some of the pins I just wrapped with a little bit of the floss on the ends. The reindeer pins are from the gift wrap aisle at Target.

DIY Advent Calendar | MyFabulessLifeDIY Advent Calendar |


That’s it! Now all we have to do is fill it with candy and count down the magical days until Christmas!! Christmastime can officially commence at our house! What’s the Christmas essential at your house? That thing that it just wouldn’t be the Holidays without?!!

DIY Advent Calendar |


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