I’m Jenn, and lest you think I’m delusional or just the most conceited person on the planet, let me assure you My Fabuless Life is a little tongue in cheek.  I’m the first to admit that life is not always fabulous–some days, fabulous is the last word any of us would use to describe it, but making the most of what I have and what life brings is what I was taught and how I try to live.  I have a need to create that runs in my blood and if I don’t know how to do something, I’ll figure it out or make it up as I go {not that it always works}.  I grew up with a mother who “got creative” when it came to making a beautiful home on a budget and I now share a passion for the same.  There’s something about the vintage, antique, collected, and eclectic—things with a story and a past—that make my heart happy.  I love to thrift and create things for my home, most especially furniture.  I refinished my first piece (a dresser) in high school when there wasn’t a budget for anything new, and ever since that first transformation, I’ve been obsessed with making the old new and beautiful again and showing others that beauty and charm can be created on a budget, and how to do it.