A Thanksgiving Centerpiece in the Fabuless Fashion

Did anyone else see these baskets on the dollar aisle at Target in the past few weeks? Let’s just say that at $2.50 each, I didn’t pass them over–times five–so now I have them all over my house.  And that little basket is the most expensive thing in this super simple Thanksgiving centerpiece.  
I used “found” things like pine cones from our recent trip to Oregon, and giant acorns I found last fall on a walk in down town Salt Lake City.  I honestly didn’t even realize acorns grew this big, and the pine cones from Oregon are like the cutest, most perfect little pine cones I’ve ever seen.  
I purchased some Indian corn at the grocery store for about $3.00 and put it in a Mason jar that I also already had. 
If you have a long Thanksgiving table, you can easily make a few more of these and space them out down the middle of the table.  Scatter some popcorn kernels {which I mentioned is one of my new favorite fall things}, extra pine cones and/or acorns around for a beautiful, natural, {and most of all affordable}Thanksgiving centerpiece . 

To finish it off, I added some twine balls, and if you like these, or the yarn balls that so often make an appearance around here, come back on Thursday, because I’m going to show you how I make them–and I don’t use styrofoam–so they’re really inexpensive.

And please don’t forget, today is an important day if you live here in the U.S.  Get out and vote PLEASE!
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